The American PI Group, LLC consists of three of the Top Rated Investigative services companies throughout the State of Florida. The investigators at American PI Group have well over over 50 years of combined investigative experience with backgrounds in law enforcement, federal agencies, military and an in house investigative attorney. Our Investigators have also been nationally recognized as the #1 Investigator(s) in Both Tampa and Orlando and have been featured in numerous publications including new interviews, radio, podcasts, articles and recognized as subject matter experts in the court of law.

Because of our firms vast investigative experience and advanced knowledge of the law; our Private Investigators fully understand the variety of legal issues that can potentially arise in any case and are able to give expert testimony in court.


With two main offices centrally located in Tampa & Orlando, the American PI Group, LLC provides a variety of confidential investigative services for individuals, corporations and attorneys including:


Domestic Investigations & Surveillance:

Cheating Spouse Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, Abuse Investigations, Missing Person Locates & Invasion of Privacy


Litigation support services for Law Firms:

Witness Interviews, Locating Missing Persons, Background Investigations, Fraud Investigations, Criminal Defense, Product Liability, Accident Investigations & Surveillance


Corporate Investigations:

Due Diligence, Background Screening, Loss Prevention & Theft Investigations


Expert Technical Division:

Cyber Investigations, Hacking Forensics, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Top Gun Investigations

Our Tampa Investigative Division; Top Gun Investigations is a full service, multi disciplined investigative agency providing a wide range of investigation services in the Greater Tampa and Sarasota Areas. Founded by an Attorney and built from the ground up by some of the top professionals in the industry. Top Gun Investigations is now nationally known as one of the Top Local Investigation Firms in the State of Florida.

Southern Recon Agency

Our Orlando Investigative Division, Southern Recon Agency; has been both nationally and locally recognized as the #1 Private Investigator in Orlando. Known for their advanced and unique technical capabilities both online and in the field; Southern Recon Agency provides an assortment of private investigation services throughout the Greater Orlando Area.




Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team is an elite services division of the American PI Group, under Southern Recon Agency. The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team is one of the only firms in the world that combines dedicated counter surveillance specialists with cyber investigation and digital forensic examiners using the most advanced U.S. government-level training, practices and equipment.



This exclusive services division ONLY accepts Counter Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Digital & Hacking Forensics and Cyber Cases. Our highly specialized team of technical services professionals works exclusively within this field of expertise. We believe this is the Only way you can truly be a subject matter expert and a true specialist. Our firm will only accept your case if we are confident we can provide the complete service you desire.



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